Aloha, I’m Tom, your trusted guide to maximizing the potential of your Hawaiian condo investment. I’m the proud owner and operator of “Maui Toms”, a premier condo cleaning and maintenance service on Maui that has given me unparalleled insights into what works—and what could be improved—when it comes to running a successful condo operation.

Providing Information to Transform Your Business

I’m here to provide you with information so you can transform the way you conduct your condo business. With our weekly newsletter delivered straight to your inbox, you’ll gain invaluable insights that will keep you abreast of the ever-changing market trends. From keeping an eye on county and state legislation to reporting on visitor numbers and trends, I’ll ensure you’re never blindsided by changes or left guessing about market shifts.

Broad Real Estate Investment Experience

My journey in the real estate sector has spanned nearly three decades, and along the way, I’ve worn several important hats. I’ve enjoyed a decade-long stint as an Airbnb host, achieving the coveted status of ‘Superhost’ for the majority of that time. I’ve also dipped my toes into the finance world as a Vice President at Wells Fargo Banks, with senior roles in both the Mortgage and Small Business Lending divisions. While my real estate license may no longer be active, the knowledge and expertise I gained while serving as a licensed real estate agent continue to influence my perspectives as well.

Not only do I bring practical experience to the table, but I also hold an MBA that complements my hands-on knowledge with robust theoretical frameworks. As an entrepreneur and a real estate investor, I understand the nuances of the industry and the strategies that make for a fruitful investment.

Special Contributions and Expert Opinions

Beyond my insights, I’ll also be bringing you expert perspectives from various industry stakeholders. Expect engaging content from real estate agents, property managers, and hopefully even government representatives, each adding layers of understanding to the intricate tapestry of the Hawaiian condo market.

A Growing Online Store and Newsletter Archive

Don’t forget to explore our online store where you’ll find an ever-growing list of products and services designed with your needs in mind. Plus, for your convenience, all past newsletters will be archived online, making it easy to look up information and advice as needed.

With me as your guide, you’re not just investing in a Hawaiian condo, you’re becoming part of an informed community, equipped with the knowledge and tools to truly succeed. So, here’s to your success, and welcome to our Ohana!

Tom Sinclair